The Male Review



A Male Facebook Fan wrote about how much he missed his long hair and that he has decided to grow his hair back after cutting it off. I had to encourage him because I understand that men too have issues with their hair. This is Cola’s hair story in a nutshell:
DO you feel different when your hair is long or short? Please share with us the feelings that you have?

I definitely do feel much different when I have hair, a opposed to when I don’t. I wouldn’t say majorly different, but I would say that there is a certain element of freedom that I feel when I do have hair; it goes with that “Long hair – don’t care” kinda saying.

2) How does society react to your long hair?

Based on my experience, society reacts to my hair positively… however, black people, completely different.

I don’t know if it’s because I live in Canada or if it’s just me, but white folks around me love when my hair is braided, in a fro, tied back, in dreads etc. I went through the racial stereotyping stuff. It doesn’t happen because of your hair (unless you have dreads – they associate that with weed if you keep it in a particular manor). Based on my experience, racial prejudice happens because your black. No other reason.

Black folk tend to say that because of my hair I won’t get a job, or get taken seriously by white folk, and a million other things. However, I’ve been able to get great jobs, be respected, and taken seriously by them in a variety of situations.

Also, based on my relations with the ladies, black women prefer low cuts… or at least most of them prefer it. It kinda sux, because in a sense (but not a complete sense), hair represents who I am. I used to have dreads, I love the freedom to constantly create styles with braids/cornrows, and I love the free feeling I have with just a fro. Unfortunately, a lot of black women feel rows are juvenile, and childish. They feel that neatly kept dreads are associated with a certain “black poet” type, which doesn’t work for me cuz I’m the drummer of a punk rock duo (The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores).

3) Do you think long hair on men can be professional?

Of course, however it depends what type of profession you’re in. It also depends on what level you’re at. If you’re high level, I feel you have more freedom as to what you want to do, as you influence the company culture.

I do art direction for advertising. Everything is accepted on every level: tattoos, piercings, hair, etc. But once again, it all depends on the company culture.

4) What would you like to say to other men who would like to grow their hair but feel as if they need to comply with societies expectations?

I wish I could swear on this… F*** society is what I’m saying. Dowhat you want, and be true to yourself. The only bad thing is that it could be a c***blocker with black women… some black women (not all). I even struggle with how black women will feel about me, but We all struggle somewhere. Screw it, I’m growing back my hair.