Elvis – The Male Perspective on Natural Hair


What type of hair are you most attracted to, (straight, wavy, curly, long, short) and why?

I really don’t care about it. Women can use their hair the way they like it. What determines one’s essence is the attitude towards life, not one’s hair.

How do you feel about women that wear weaves or wigs?

Same answer as before. But they should use common sense not to make it look artificial or exaggerated.

How do you feel about women with permed hair? How do you feel about women that wear their hair natural?

I think people should wear the hairstyle they like most, without concerns about fashion trends that , most of the time, imposes the white beauty as the only one possible and acceptable. In this sense, I believe that natural hair is an important instrument of resistance against oppression and value the black beauty.

How do you feel about women that colour their hair?

Fine. Changes are always welcome.

With women that have natural hair, what type are you most attracted to (loose curls, tight curls, afro, locs), if any at all?

As I said before, I appreciate the woman’s attitude towards life and her smarts, not the outer beauty.

Do you like to run your hands through a black woman’s hair?

Yeah. I love the the texture