Good afternoon Anya:
I wanted to take the time to thank you again for your very inspirational and heartfelt presentation on Saturday during the Natural Hair Show. It definitely stroke a chord…
In my field of work, appearance carries just as much weight as skills and knowledge when it’s time to establish relationships and trust with clients. It’s been a challenge to create a balance between the more “westernized” image that is expected and what my hair will do…or should I say “not do”, in this case
Are you scheduled to participate in upcoming events or seminars?

Kind regards,

Mildred Jean-Paul
Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Hello Anya,
I peeked at your biography on Afrochic.ca….You are an inspiration and you
should be ridiculously proud of yourself. Not to mention you’re gorgeous! I
would love to have your hair it’s so long and full. I’ve had my hair
traumatized since I was like 14 so it’s pretty much dead. And just recently
these so-called hairdressers over processed my hair and a whole patch has now
replaced the side of my head. My name is Camille and I am a student at York
University…just thought I’d let you know how great you are.

Take care and keep your head up!
Camille from York University

Hi Anya,
I love your site. Thanks for sharing your story.

Andria Barrett

Hey Anya,
I just want to say I’m really impressed and proud of you with the work you’ve been doing on your web site.
You’ve become an important part of the natural hair movement in Toronto, as is evidenced from your work last week at the Hair Show.
I would still like to contribute in anyway that I can. Let me know if you ever want me to talk about my own hair drama or to contribute in some other way.

Sincere best wishes.

Stephanie Smith
M.J. Candidate
School of Journalism and Communications
Carleton University


It’s been lovely working with you, and I must say I really like your site, now that I can see it! I’ll be recommending you to a bunch of people, as there is a huge natural hair community here in Detroit. My partner and many of my friends wear natural styles, and are always looking for tips and good products!
Michelle Schelle Sweets Martin

U are so instrumental in my hair journey. This time I am back for good. I feel best in my natural state.