Winter Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair

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Discover the magic you can create with a bunch of hair pins, flexi-rods, and hair ties. Winter (also coined a #naturalistashairproblem), is fast approaching. We’ll share with you top protective natural hairstyles for this season in a video below you’ll be sure to love.  Find out how to style your mane while protecting it from the harsh and brittle weather.

Winter is such a pretty word to describe wind ice in the northern hemisphere where temperature plunges below zero degrees combining with excessive coldness and rough weather conditions (now, that sounds more like winter). With these conditions, how can our hair not feel the repercussions of it all? In this article and video, I will demonstrate some great DIY hairstyles and hair care tips for you to combat winter hair.

Yes, I do understand that we could opt into wearing a hat every time we leave the house, but would that solve anything?  Even if we could stay indoors all of the time, our hair and skin also battles another demon – indoor heaters.  It’s like that  expression says, “We’re damned if we do, we damned if we don’t.” The heat from the indoors dries out our hair and the cold from outside dries out our hair as well. Some the best solutions are to:

Add low hair manipulation

Less is more in this case, low hair manipulation simply means taking a simpler approach to your hair styling routine.  Less combing, brushing and tugging along with putting down the blow dryer and flat iron is ideal.  This way your hair will be less likely prone to split ends and mid shaft breakage.

Incorporate protective hair styling

Protective hair styling is recommended in the winter time in order to prolong moisture in your hair.  The overall goal of protective styling is to keep the oldest part of your hair (the ends) protected and moisturized, which leads to retaining healthy hair growth. See the video below for 7 DIY natural protective hairstyles.

Winter Hair Care Tips:

1. Incorporate co-washing and put down the shampoos with SALT.

2. Use a thicker conditioner following your hair cleanse routine.

3. Deep treat your hair more often (at least 4 times a month), making 2 of those 4 treatments a protein treatment.

4. Seal your ends with 100% castor oil.