Sunkissed Natural Hair: How To Prevent Damage

curly hair and the sun


As the cold chills goes away and the sun sets at 8:43pm it’s a clear indication that summer is HERE!  And the hotter the weather, the more social we become.  That means that our hair has to look fly most, if not ALL the time, because you never know who might invite you out to an after work cocktail hour.  Needless to say that fly hair means more manipulation to our strands and the more we style our hair plus the longer we stay out in the sun could lead to damaged hair at the end of summer.  Soooo who wants that?  Not me! So that you and I don’t have to go through that, here are 5 Pre-Summer Hair Tips just in time for the 1st official day of summer.

1. DO NOT skip on your leave in-conditioner.  A Good leave-in should have a built in Sun Protective Factor (SPF) once your conditioner is properly applied, it will form a protective barrier around your tresses.

2. Continue wearing your hair in protective styles.

Head Wraps Hairstyle

3. Floral and pattern scares are in, so if you’re not a hat person (like myself) find a cool scarf style that will be fashionable while still protecting those strands from the scorching heat.

4. Eliminate piling on product after product, especially products with alcohol base ingredients because once the sun kisses your hair for over 5 minutes, your hair starts to heat up quickly and can cause sun damage on your strands.

5. Deep treat your hair even more than you use to in the winter time.  In the summertime your hair can be under more stress than in other seasons simply because our lifestyles changes.  We stay up longer, there’s more traffic and road construction that leads to more pollution and we eat more unhealthy foods, simply because we can:)  All these factors and more take a tool on our hair.  So deep treating your hair on a regular bases will conquer summer hair stresses.

Well there you have it 5 Pre-summer hair tips… feel free to leave some tips of your own below.  And remember to love the hair you’re in.