Product Review: Herbatint

Natural Hair Dye
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Natural hair dye


The History of Herbatint:

The origins of Herbatint dates back almost four generations. The first formulations of our natural hair products, based on herbal extracts and distillates of botanicals were developed for private use by the nobleman and student of nature, Count Livio della Zuana.

These precious formulas were handed down from generation to generation. This hand me down tradition preserved Herbatint‘s originality and kept its use among a small group of family and close friends.

In 1960 Mr. Michele Albergo, last of the trustees of these ancient formulas and also himself a student of nature, began production and market introduction of Herbatint, in the prestigious industrial area of Via Tiburtina in Rome, Italy. Michele Albergo, with his strong background and experience in natural cosmetics completed an in-depth market analysis which clearly showed a strong consumer trend toward hair products that were less harmful, less aggressive and natural in origin.

Thus the Herbatint line was born. The Herbatint line features color and hair care with a natural base and an acidic pH. Each product enhances the health, vitality and shine of the hair while improving its aesthetic appearance, without damaging it. Herbatint has been the undisputed market leader for thirty years. It can rightly be said that Mr. Albergo was a pioneer in the natural hair color industry. His unprecedented natural formula has been imitated without ever achieving the unparalleled success of the original formula.

Natural Hair Dye
My first experience with Herbatint was when I first went natural. I wanted a colour to put a little funk to the new transition. The hair salon I went to only carried Herbatint.

Herbatint contains NO AMMONIA and is very, very low in peroxide with a very natural result. The color is derived from the actual source that is natural herbs. Vegetal (semi permanent color) contains no ammonia and no peroxide and is very, very gentle on your hair. The color is also derived from natural herbal sources.



  • Hey dear i was really upset due to my hair but after reading these tips i am feeling well and will apply these tips on regular basis with the hope of better result. thanks