Teenager Gabriela wants to go natural BUT hates her kinks… advice anyone?

Gabriela.going natural


When Gabriela came up to me and told me that she really needed my advice with going natural.  I was excited that this young girl (at this very transitional time in her life) wanted to embark on her own natural hair journey.  So of course I had to reassure that this is something that she truly wants to do.   I proceeded by asking her “are you sure, you want to go Natural?”  She answered “Yes I’m sure, BUT I want to get rid of my kinks”.  (Can you imagine the look on my face) I was so appalled with this statement that I just wanted to say “you’re not ready yet” but I knew that wouldn’t be the right approach for me to take.  So I began to advice her, first allowing her to recognize that her statement contradicts itself.  There’s no way a person with naturally grown curly hair is able to grow out a relaxer without learning that the curls/ naps/ kinks won’t be able to just disappear.  The new growth after a relaxer is the beginning stage of going natural and that you have to learn to love, appreciate and understand your curls/ naps/ kinks.  Once you’ve accepted this first stage of going natural then you’re better able to fight the urge of ever relaxing / dabbling with any other sort of chemicals again.  So Gabriela if you’re reading this… please understand that you need to be prepared and ready to conquer step 1 of being natural.


Gabbi goes.naturalAs I continue to coach Gabriela and give her transitional tips, I will be constantly updating her journey, so stay tuned and feel free to leave your own tips and transitioning advice.



Gabriela Aguilera just completed her studies at Westview Centennial Secondary High School and is on her way to post-secondary education where she will be majoring in pre-community services and community work studies at George Brown College.  While in high school Gabriela have been involved in many initiatives in her school.  In the wider community, Gabriela has volunteered for councilor Anthony Perruzza, is associated with the Driftwood Youth Advisory council, volunteered with a marital arts program and is involved with a youth advisory group at Yorkwoods Public Library.  Gabriela loves to write poetry and perform it.   She also like to snowboard whenever she gets the opportunity to.

Gabriela.going natural

Her first relaxer was in grade 5 and her last relaxer was 2 months ago back in June.  That’s over 7 years of chemically processed hair.  Please assist Gabbi with going natural by adding any additional tips/ advice.



  • MomosMoment

    Gabriella should join NaturalSunshine.ning & learn to love the hair/kinks that God gave her, he doesnt make mistakes so her texture should go great w/ her facial features. She can wear some protective styles if she doesnt want to BC yet, but the relaxed ends are sucking up the nutriance from her new growth so its best to keep it moisturized & BC as soon as shes ready. She can get inspired by watching other naturals on YouTube were all here to help each other out on our journeys so shes not alone

  • She should wear her hair in protective styles or low manipulation styles during the week and do braid outs or twist outs on the weekend before washing and deep conditioning. I am almost 10 months post texturizer. This is after being natural for 6 years and then putting a texturizer in my hair for a year. I HATED IT!!! Now I am long term transitioning as I learn what products work best for MY HAIR TYPE and how I want to handle my hair when I finally big chop. The first time I just jumped in

  • So I think that she should get educated about her natural hair and learn her hair Get to know and love her natural hair which is what I am doing this time around! Good luck and God bless!

  • she can certainly go natural and still be able to run her fingers through her hair by flat ironing. You don’t have to perm to maintain a straight look.

  • hey gabby, just do like me, u seen my hair before all the time, and i never do anything to much just treatmeant like every 6 months or so, and i only flat iron it after i wash, if i do it too much my hair can break off… Just a lil advice to my girl <3

  • Gabby

    I have been natural for 10+ years and no heat for six months.

    So there is no running my finger through dry hair anymore.

    Curly hair gets really frizzy if you separate the curls after it is dry.

    Find some cute up hair styles to get you through the transition stages.

    I went from bald, to mini fro (with a head band), to Afro puffs, to a short bob, to all one length at the shoulder, now I keep it at the middle of my back. The stages can be hard if you don’t have any creativity.