Follow Product Directions For Better Results


Product Ingredients

Have you ever used a product and right after the first use you hated it already?  For the most part it could very well be the fact that the product just doesn’t work for your hair type or it could be because it is filled with synthetic ingredients that just doesn’t agree with your hair… But have you ever thought maybe it could be because you don’t follow the directions properly on every product?  For example if you bought a conditioner but you choose to use it as a leave-in you just won’t get the same benefits as you would.  So in plain words… use a product as directed make sure you read the instructions on each product and try to use them as directed to receive greater results for your hair.



  • Mey

    I completely agree with reading the labels first…and then we will know if it works or not. I recently tried a hair cream that was suppose to be useful for twisting and curling hair. It seemed geared towards natural tresses with the logo and all. The directions said to saturate the hair with the product then twist. Saturate was the wrong word… made my hair crunchy and sticky to the touch! I followed the label and I now know that this product is not for me.

  • That is so true. I’ve heard a lot of my clients say they leave in their condition when it is not a leave in. i notice some clients use too much conditioner and they dont rinse it out fully.