How To Faux An Asymmetric Haircut On Natural Hair Without Scissors


I final found a simple and quick signature hairstyle that best suits my lovely round face.  I hope you can feel the excitement through these words because this is a BIG DEAL!  After 5 years of being natural I have never felt any style ie. Twist out, braid out, Half up – Have down, the puff, braided up-dos, flat-twists ever fit my face plus most of them took hours to do.

I experimented with so many styles to be versatile and flaunt to my fellow straight haired co-workers that I have styles for every day of the month.  Deep down inside however, I wanted a signature look that would complement my face well plus make me stand out.  To my surprise I stumbled upon this Faux A-symmetric look just by experimenting with dry hair that begged – wash me… please!  With only 30 minutes left in my morning routine to get myself out the door I didn’t know what to do with my hair and I had grown tired of putting it up in a boring puff.  So by following these few simple steps below, I gave birth to my signature style.1Naptural85_style

You need just 1 hair tool – an ouchless hair band



Step 1: Start with hair in a twist-out or braid out.


Step 2: Place hair band over your entire head


Step 3: Pull hair band from the back as far up as you prefer.  Note: The shorter you want this faux look to be the higher you move the hair band.

5_Natural_HairstyleStep 4: Place the hair band diagonally and move gently towards the middle of your head. 

*Important – Keep the band diagonal.  Note: The shorter you want the hair to look the higher you raise the hair band.

Additional Tips & Hair Deets

– To keep hair band in place feel free to secure with hair pins or double up hair band around twice.

– To get my hair looking shinny, feeling soft and fluffy, I used Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer available at Alikay Naturals and Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner available at Alikay Naturals, I applied both products to my hair in that particular order, twisted and banded over night.