Don’t Sweat It: Workout Proof Natural Hairstyles


A new year has just begun and many Naturalistas are making their fitness journey their new year’s resolution. Wondering how you can maintain a healthy body and stylish hair? Here are a few tips and tutorials to help you on your fitness journey.


Fuss-Free Styles

Exposure to sweat and chlorine may result in frequent hair washing to avoid build-up of impurities and dry, damaging hair. Consider opting for fuss-free hairstyles such as buns, pin-ups, ponytails or afros. These hairstyles keep your hair up and away from your skin and clothing.

Natural Hair | High Bun Tutorial (No Filler) by NaturallyNellzy

Natural Hair | Twisted Roll, Tuck and Pin Tutorial by iknowlee 


Protective Styling

Looking for a low maintenance style? Protective hairstyles may be just for you. Protective hairstyles are low maintenance hairstyles for those who engage in frequent physical activity. These styles include braids, twists, cornrows and any other hairstyles that does not need to be manipulated after washing. Protective hairstyles help reduce breakage and also save time.

How to Flat Twist Natural Hair – Tutorial by MariaAntoinetteTV

Natural Hair Style: Goddess Braid by MsDanti1

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles require less style preparation time than its longer alternatives. These hairstyles can be frequently washed and styled without causing breakage or damage. Short hairstyles such as Teeny Weeny Afros and Finger Coil provide a sophisticated look for physically active Naturalistas.

Natural Hair | Transition Style | Cute Curly Fro by naturalhairnskincare

How To – Finger Coils on Natural Hair by My Natural Sistas