Curl Candy of the Week: Ashley


Lock Rocker

Do you believe hair to be a central component to your definition of beauty?  

They say our hair is our antenna to the universe, and I believe beauty isn’t just skin deep.  Black people’s hair holds energy and I believe beauty has a lot to do with depth and resonance. So, yes.

List 3 words that describe your relationship with your hair:

Complicated, loving, and unfolding.

Can you provide one hair lesson that you’ve learned over the years, for all the naturalistas out there?

Use natural products and never use beeswax if you’re going to start locks.

Lock Rocker

Do you HEART your hair?  If so, why?

I definitely heart my hair.  It connects me to my ancestry, myself and my natural beauty. What more can I ask?

Do you have a hair regime? If so, spill the beans and tell us what your routine is and List 3 of your favourite hair products:

I wash my hair, coil it up in big bobbi pins to dry, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other oils and butters to moisturize it. I also cover [or try to] my hair each night with a silk scarf before I go to bed.