3 Natural Hairstyles For Date Night / Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Hairstyle

Natural Hair Style DateNightHappy Valentine’s Day

So I’ve been wanting to find out from my partner in crime #BFF which hairstyle does he prefer on me.  The more I talk about my hair with my husband is the more I’m learning about how he truly feels about my choice to wear my hair Natural verses the hair texture I had when I met him — permed hair.   Every now and then I catch him saying phrases like “good hair” or “your hair looks like a bush”.  I know his intention is not to be rude but it can very often come off as such.  So instead of lecturing him, I chose to involve him in my process.  Plus he’s always complaining about me not featuring him for Movember month on my fanpage lol, what a whiner.   But of course as soon as I give him the opportunity he gets camera shy insert [Men- you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them] lol.

Without further due, check out Hubby’s 1st video feature and the hairstyle he chose for our date..

Hairstyle Tutorial

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Lavish Curlz Moisturizer, good for 2nd day curl refresher to reactivate and moisturize curls.

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